Monday, September 13, 2010

A Little Satire

I think that the creators of this piece did a good parody of the Progessive Insurance commercials and applied it to a lot of professing churches these days.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quotes (#14)

"The elect are gathered into Christ's flock by a call not immediately at birth, and not all at the same time, but according as it pleases God to dispense His grace to them. But before they are gathered unto that Supreme Shepherd, they wander scattered in the wilderness common to all; and they do not differ at all from others except that they are protected by God's especial mercy from rushing headlong into the final ruin of death."-John Calvin

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Documentary Regarding Mormonism & Polygamy.

Although, officially, the mainline Mormon church condemns the modern practice of polygamy and has, moreorless excommunicated polygamists, Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints, who largely live along the Utah/Arizona border (as well as the YFZ Ranch in Texas), insist that they're the true Mormons, and I would say that the FLDS and other polygamous Mormon groups have become the proverbial thorn in the flesh for the LDS leadership in Salt Lake City. This documentary, about 80 minutes long, traces the Mormon practice of polygamy, established by Joseph Smith in 1843 to modern day polygamous practices in the FLDS.

*Note: although Gordon B. Hinckley is identified as the "current" president of the Mormon Church, Hinckley (b. 1910) died in 2008, aged 97 & as of Sept. 2nd 2010, Thomas Manton is the current president.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quotes (#13)

“The change which our Lord here declares needful to salvation is evidently no slight or superficial one. It is not merely reformation, or amendment, or moral change, or outward alteration of life. It is a thorough change of heart, will, and character. It is a resurrection. It is a new creation. It is a passing from death to life. It is the implanting in our dead hearts of a new principle from above. It is the calling into existence of a new creature, with a new nature, new habits of life, new tastes, new desires, new appetites, new judgments, new opinions, new hopes, and new fears. All this, and nothing less than this is implied, when our Lord declares that we all need a ‘new birth.’” -J.C. Ryle (1816-1900)

HT: J.C. Ryle Quotes